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Now Trending | Comfy, Cozy Bouclé

This curly, comfy upholstery style is about to take over your living room, office, hallway - you name it, bouclé’s got it covered. We are falling in love with this trend and the creative ways designers are implementing it into their styles. Our designers are here to share why bouclé should be a part of your home and five easy ways to welcome it in. Prepare to see bouclé in a whole new way.

Design by Athena Calderone | Styling by Colin King | Photo by Nicole Franzen


Bouclé: A History

Bouclé is a French term meaning “yarn with a looped or curled ply, or fabric woven from this yarn.” The textile first became popular in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s amongst interior and fashion designers alike. Coco Chanel made it well known when she introduced her famous two piece suits using a bouclé fabric. The trend faded away for a bit until the 80s and 90s, and now it’s making a noticeable comeback. In 2020, we’re seeing bouclé upholstery used on more organic, architectural pieces - especially sofas, chairs, and benches.

Courtesy of ChanelCourtesy of Chanel

Texture You Can’t Help But Touch

When it comes to bouclé, texture is everything. Most designers reach for the soft, nubby ringlets to bring a gentle texture to any space. The composition of the textile can differ depending on the particular upholstery. Some are very short ringlets that create a subtle effect, while others utilize bigger loops resulting in an almost sherpa-like effect. Each bouclé-covered piece allows you to choose how much texture you’re looking for and how much of a statement you want to make.

Design by Transition State Design | Photo by Aaron Leitz

Design by Robert Stilen | Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

Durability You’ll Love

This upholstery hits the sweet spot of soft and durable. Bouclé is typically made from wool, but it can be made from a wide variety of materials and blends. It can withstand regular use without huge signs of wear and tear. It’s especially kid-friendly, since little life’s snags won’t show up easily on such a textured fabric.Design by BHDM | Photo by Reid Rolls

Design by Gillian Segal Design | Photo by Ema Peter

Comfy & Cozy Perfection

If you’re looking for a cozy spot, look no further than your bouclé-filled living room. The snuggly fabric is known for being SUPER soft. It’s perfect for fall and winter coziness, and the typically white or neutral color palettes seamlessly transitions into light and bright springs and summers. We highly recommend bouclé pieces for the spaces where the most life happens - whether it’s some upholstered stools in the kitchen, a cuddly chair in the living room, or a reading nook in your kiddo’s bedroom. Life is always happening all around us - give yourself the ability to sink into it.

Design by Jeremiah Brent | Photo by Trevor Tondro

Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel | Photo by Matthew Williams


Options Options Options

Bouclé upholstery comes in so many forms! It can be found on chairs, sofas, benches, curtains, pillows, and more. You can be bold with a bouclé statement sofa or just add subtle elements of the curly fabric via a few throw pillows. Lots of pieces have touches of bouclé paired with wood framing or metal bases to soften up the harder elements. It’s up to you! 

Here are 5 ways that Scout & Nimble Founder & Principal Designer, Jesse, suggests bringing bouclé into your home

  1. If you are going to really go for it, look for statement pieces. Our owner, Jesse, says of the trend: “I especially love this look on modern, streamlined pieces in a solid color. The nubby texture balances out the clean lines in such a warm way - it adds so much visual interest.” 

  2. If you are feeling less risky, look for small ways to incorporate that are less of an investment. Ottomans, pillows, throws, etc!

  3. Stick to a solid color. Simple and beautiful and not overdone. Bouclé doesn’t need to try too hard.

  4. Don’t be afraid to jump in, but our advice is to limit to one piece or one set of pieces in the room. If you go for the bouclé chair, don’t go overboard and also get the pillows and throw.

  5. Pair bouclé with organic pieces like wood and raw stone to create a high impact, visually interesting space! 

Design by Transition State Design | Photo by Aaron Leitz

Design by DISC Interiors | Photo by Sam Frost Studio for Architectural Digest

Design by Tasmin JohnsonDesign by Ray Booth of McApline | Architecture by DAAD | Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

Needless to say, we’re pretty big fans. How are you incorporating bouclé into your space? We’d love to see!

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